Restoration part 3- Primer
These are pictures of the car now primed and having its final prep before painting.

Extra work was needed to repair the rear of the front o/side wing to where it meets the sill. 

A close-up of the front n/side wheel arch repair. Unbeknown to me there wasn't much metal behind the paint.

The o/side front valance and wheel arch needed some repair and plating

The front valance has been rubbed down, plated and primered. Notice that the front lip spoiler is missing. This will be painted satin black before being refitted.

Here you can see the sills which have had the mounting holes for the side skirts plated and have had stonechip paint added, before they are sprayed red then painted black to the level of the sill. Normally only the bottom of the sill up to the line on the weld line is painted black but I have opted to bring the black paint up to the top of the sill as I feel it adds emphasis to the red/black contrast of the colour scheme.

Here the fully repaired wheel arch ready for painting can be seen. You can also see the sill and triangle part of the arch join very neatly.

Another view of the n/side rear arch, showing a little of the detail toward the rear.

This shows the other side namely the o/side rear arch detail. Only the lower part of this panel has been replaced which forms the wraparound from the bottom of the rear arch to the back panel. 

O/side rear arch detail.

The car in the bodyshop. Not the colour coded rear panel will be swopped for an original black one. You can see the extent of the replacement sections to where they join the rear behind the bumper panel

Restoration part 4- All panels sprayed (pre-buffing/cutting).


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