Restoration part 4
This was my first look at the car all in one colour. The top coat has now been applied with both front and rear wings being resprayed as well as the front valance. There is still the satin black to add to the sills and to the bumpers and lip spoiler. These shots are taken of the car with the fresh paint on. No buffing or cutting has been done at this point.

Here you can see that the replacement wheel arches now look part of the car. 

The lower part of the n/side front wing had to be extensively repaired.

Shot from a distance. The paint match looks pretty good though the door stands out somewhat. Once all the paintwork is buffed and cleaned then hopefully it will blend in well. These sills had had side skirts fitted, so the holes had to be plated and stone-chip paint was added, you can just about make out the difference in texture. The sills will be sprayed in satin black.

Rear n/side

Both front wings and front valence were resprayed. The front of the wing where it joins to the valence was rotten and was plated.

Nicely blended in lower wheel arch repair sections. You can also see that the back panel between the lights is now correct and in black. The car came with a colour coded rear panel in red.

Restoration part 5 - out of the bodyshop
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