4A-GTE Turbo

In an ever searching quest for more power I have investigated the possibility of removing the supercharger and installing a turbo. A turbo is quite a bit more efficient than a supercharger and though I am not aiming for out and out power, a realistic 220bhp from utilising a Hybrid T25 turbo would I feel keep the driveability and turn the MR2 from a decently quick car to a very quick car. 

So far I have had a turbo manifold and down pipe made by Carl Crawford in the US. 

The crux of the turbo, the manifold. This was handmade for me as one of five that Carl Crawford fabricated.

A close up of the manifold to turbo flange. Quite a lot of work has gone into blending the two secondary pipes together.

With the heat shield in place. This is important to keep the temperature up in the manifold and down in the engine bay

The downpipe complete with flange made to mount to a T25 turbo. Very nice work

Close up view of the downpipe to turbo outlet flange. Nice work Carl

Flexi pipe on downpipe in the same position as standard.

At the moment I don't have the funds to finish off the turbo, but it will happen at some point. Watch this space!

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