"Yummy" much missed! see Yummy history for Supercharger conversion 
'Yummy' the best known SC in the UK and the fastest known too came to it's unfortunate end due to an impact with a lampost at 50mph head on as a result of a stationary motorway maintenance truck around a blind bend on a motorway slip road!

A good friend of mine; Thomas Morgan of the MR2 MK1 Club has hosted a website in Yummy's memory. I have now incorporated Thomas's site below:

Yummy at Spa Franchorchamps Oct 2002 outside Schumy's garage

On Saturday November 9th 2002, the Dark Mica Blue MR2 MK1 Supercharger owned by the legendary Lauren "Cone Killer" Blighton sadly met its premature end, by being wrapped around a lamp post. It is a great loss to us all, And one less of these amazing cars on the road. 

Track days will never be the same again...

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