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With my first ever word being 'car' I if I was honest with myself I think it was obvious what I should be doing! That signalled a life long obsession with all things cars and particularly motorsport. 

I have been participating in trackdays for the last four years and for the last year have worked for in various roles. Since gaining a reputation for being quick on track from fellow trackday peopIe I  have moved ever closer to realising my goal of racing professionally. 

As well as trackdays I am also a 'serial' modifier, though very much in terms of performance rather than cosmetics. I have always believed in changing parts to enable you and the car to go faster, so definately 'go' rather than 'show'. I guess from this constant playing with my own cars I have essentially self-taught my mechanical knowledge to an advanced level. I built my first engine when I was 21 and have since built a few cars in their entirety. Of late I have been learning about chassis setups and have been recently working for BLiNK Motorsport completing full geommetry setups on the Lotus Elise and the 340R.

In January 2003 I applied to enter the Formula Woman competition and attended an assessment at Cadwell Park. 10,000 entered and 2400 of us attended assessment days at circuits around the UK. I was shortlisted for the top 50 and undertook the week long elimination camp whereby I made the selection for the final 16 drivers in the inaugural Formula Woman Championship.


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