Restoration part 2: the bodyshop

After deciding that I really wanted to save this early example of an MR2 MK1 (my first mistake) , I sourced the repair panels from JDG Panels this comprised all three wheel arch panels which include the triangle section ahead of the wheel arch to the sill, the main wheel arch and the rear section which goes round to the back panel. So six panels in all to do both sides. Price was (Jan 05) 310.

This is the n/side with all the rotten metal removed. As can bee seen its a bit of a mess

The o/side with the new panels fitted and in the early stages of blending in.

The front valance didn't look that bad initially but once the paint was removed it can be seen that it has rusted through from the back to the front.

The n/side panels in place and at just at the point of blending in.

The rear of the car showing where the rear repair panel meets the back panel of the car.

Bodyshop part 2

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