Beard Part 3 - Side Scoop

With all the intercooler ducting now in place I really wanted to maximise airflow into the ducting. Although the side engine vent does have a 'scoop' of sorts it doesn't really extend into the airflow. So I got busy making a scoop with the aluminium I had left over from the intercooler duct.

My original plan was to make the scoop as large as possible to ensure maximum airflow. This would mean making the scoop come out from the car body as far as the wing mirror which is some 5". The problem was once I put this scoop on the car it just looked ridiculous and would have easily decapitated young children to say the least. The only option was to cut the scoop down and bring it some 2" closer to the side of the car. The only problem with doing this is that it deformed the scoop somewhat affecting the finish and made it shorter in overall length which in turn left the scoop short of covering the side vent hole. So i'm calling it a 'prototype for now!

As Mark was having his Cam Covers powder coated I managed to persuade the guys at Greenspeed to pop my dodgy looking scoop in with a staircase they happened to be powder coating!

The holes in the back are for screwing scoop on. I used the plate that secures the original scoop to hold the custom one in place.

It sticks out a bit, but nowhere near as much as the original prototype!

Taking the depth of the scoop from 5" to 3" had the effect of shortening the length due to scoop being fabricated at an angle. I will at some point make a prettier one

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