Now that DJ is no longer a daily driver, I thought what do I need an interior for? So out it came, all in an effort to reduce weight and prepare for the fitment of a bucket seat and roll cage. DJ's main job nowadays is that of trackdays and the occasional car show during the summer months. Is it noisy? Well it's not too bad just pootling around but as soon as the supercharger spins up you definitely know about it!

Carpets, sound-deadening and anything else superfluous to requirements was taken out

The door interior trims have been left on for now. Ideally I will get polycarbonate windows made up so that I can get rid of the heavy window motors. Door panels will be made in sheet aluminium. It's very hard to say how much weight was in the trim as carpets and plastic interior panels are fairly light, though there are a lot of them. The sound deadening on the rear cabin/engine bay bulkhead is fairly weighty at around 5-8kgs. 

Don't worry I haven't taken the doors off! pic showing the rear bulkhead devoid of sound deadening and you can just see where I have removed trim off the A pillars (windscreen surround)

All the trim came off but I still need to do something with that sunroof. I would like an option to keep the sunroof, so I will endeavour to replace the heavy glass with Aluminium sheet or polycarbonate.

Passenger side, showing good use of copious amounts of duct tape. Duct tape as everyone knows lends it that 'racing car feel'!

What I really need though is some lightweight bucket seats as I think the stock seats don't really offer much in the way of support and weigh far more than they need to. 

I have also finally got round to bolting down my front mounted battery and removing other surplus trim from the front wheel well.

Battery is now held in place through two bolts through the floor on threaded rod as well as a stabilising rod that attaches to the front bulkhead.


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