Seat - Refit

After spending a whole day with Mark and his new welder, painstakingly checking and re-checking measurements to get the competition seat I bought fitted onto the stock Toyota runners, I have decided that the driving position is just too high.

So what to do? well a trip to Demon Thieves to buy another set of side mounts for my seat seeing as the existing ones were welded to the original runners:

Original side mount was welded to runner, so this meant another set of side mounts.

As I didn't have the camera with me when I was fitting the seat all the pics are of it installed i'm afraid. Basically I elected to drill through the floor as this was the only way to do it and get the seat low enough. 

Right rear seat mount is in the middle top of this picture. 

A real problem here is that as you can see that this mount is raised whereas the other side is flush to the floor.

This is in fact the passenger side but you can see the inner mount that is flush to the floor at the top of the pic. Obviously drivers side is mirror image, but you can see that it doesn't make it easy to work out how to position the seat. The front mounts were relatively obvious though as all I could us was the strengthening brace that goes across the floorpan just in view to the left of the above pic.

Here is the funky new side mount in alloy which must have saved 4-5kgs over the old steel side mounts with their associated welding to the original steel runner assembly. As can be clearly see I bolted straight through the cross brace for the seat front mounts. This was extremely fiddly, particularly when it came to doing up the bolts on the other side. For the rear mounts I couldn't bolt straight to the floor as it would have left me with a driving position akin to looking out the roof so I borrowed some alloy box section and cut it down to suit. This may not look much but it took a lot of thinking time to get it right. 

Mission accomplished. The seat is now in the perfect driving position for me. It feels much more comfortable than the high upright position it was previously.

Original seat height on the original runners.

Not a perfect before and after, but in this pic it is obvious that the seat is lower and further back due to the seat having more rake. Notice the difference in height of the sticker.

Seat with 6-point FIA harness. 

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