Rockingham International


Rockingham International is a very nice place to be, what with all those lovely facialities and toilets that aren't a twenty minute walk away! Initially got to drive the circuit in a newish S2 Rockingham Elise. 

A view back down the pit-lane with turn 4 in the background flanked by impressive grandstands

The Rockingham Elise complete with instructor seemed to have a propensity for excessive understeer. I'm not sure if this was down to a setup for 'corporate' days in an effort to stop the number of times customers reverse Elises into the armco, but it was very frustrating to say the least. No matter what I did it just understeered, resulting in no other option but to back off the power until the front end had some bite. In the end through sheer frustration I spun it, which was quite a feat! 

I forgot to stop and pose for a pic on the pit lane-exit, sorry!

The Elise at speed on the banking just before turn-in to the chicane

Rockingham though, even in an understeering Elise is still a lot of fun though and I did really get to enjoy the circuit. I took my car out later and that just confirmed how the Rockingham Elises are surely set-up on the cautious side, as once in my car the handling felt fantastic and I really got to enjoy the tight and twisty infield section. Great fun!

DJ on banking (same as Elise)

Only pity was that the supercharger belt was loose and the car just felt like it had no power, well it didn't mainly due to no boost being generated as the belt was slipping. Mark and I managed to fix this at 10pm on the roadside!

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