Techspec for MK1a
My new car is a MK1a and for the moment I am not planning to tune the engine. The car currently runs a K&N airfilter and  custom stainless exhaust with a single exit. 

My intentions are to not focus on out and out power, but rather to focus on getting this car handling really sweetly. In order to do this I am going to put:

Koni adjustable dampers

Pi Springs which are 20% stiffer, 30mm lower

Poly Bush kit for the suspension bushes

The car will run a TRD setup geo wise:

6deg Castor

1 deg negative camberfront

1.5deg negative camber rear

1.6mm toe-in front

3.2mm toe-in rear

I will be using the standard rims with Yokohama A539 tyres. These are nice and progressive and offer only mediocre grip. I don't like too much grip particularly so with not having the power of my old Supercharger, I want the car to be able to move easily with its 122bhp. 

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