International Classic Car show - NEC Birmingham

The simply beautiful Lancia Stratos in traditional Alitalia colours. This is an ex-works car

Just as stunning from the rear

This is the Works Group B S1 Quattro that Walter Rohl drove in the 1985 RAC Rally. I'm looking pleased with myself as I have just fulfilled a lifes ambition! The car had 'Do Not Touch' signs all over it and was brought out of Audi UK's collection. The Audi guy on the stand; Malcolm, noticed my interest and obvious gooey-eyedness and asked if I would like to sit in it!

In the hot seat, put simply, Wow! This is the car that I used to watch on Saturday afternoon TV in the rally highlights on Grandstand when I was about 14!

A view of the interior of the Group B Quattro. Extensive rollcage that actually links to both front and rear struts and forms a semi-spaceframe can be clearly seen. Seat was vintage Recaro of course!

A second S1 Group B Quattro was at the show, though there was less information on this car's history. Stunning Stratos can be seen in background

In the MR2 Challenge car on the MR2 MK1 Club stand. This car is for an MR2 MK1 races series starting in March 2004.

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