Three Sisters (trackday)

With my first ever word being 'car' I if I was honest with myself I think it was obvious what I should be doing! That signalled a life long obsession with all things cars and particularly motorsport. 

Three Sisters is probably better known as a kart track rather than a trackday venue. However by utilising the longest possible layout its possible to get a track of about a mile in length. Needless to say it really is very tight and twisty with some 12 corners in the space of a mile! 

It was gloriously wet for my first time there which made it a bit of a laugh really. The corners are pretty tight but many are a constant radius which means plenty of fun drifting to be had. The track is really quite tight for cars but there is enough room, though the surface changes are many and there seemed to be a few corners that had patches of tarmac in the middle of them which were akin to driving on ice should you pass over them! Still this added to the adventure. 

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The start of a lovely drift....

Then went to the point of no return....

And ended like this! (I wasn't the only one)

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