My Hifi

Current Setup:


Pioneer VSA-E07

  • 5 * 130W Direct Energy
  • Analogue Audio Compatibility:
    • Line Level Signal
    • Dolby ProLogic
  • Digital Standards:
    • Dolby ProLogic
    • Dolby Digital
    • DTS (Digital Theatre System)
    • 96Khz 24bit Stereo
    • MPEG Audio
  • THX Ultra Certified
  • Copper coated chassis & internals
  • Weight: 17Kg
  • Comments:
    This was my single most expensive item in my 'sound' setup, i figured that spending plenty on the amp now will make it more future proof, plus you always tend to keep your amp and change everything else so it's better to have something that will last.


2 * Mission 700 Speakers (Main)
2 * Mission 70 Speakers (Rear Suround)
1 * Mission 70C1 Centre Speaker (Centre)
1 * Paradigm PS-1000 (Subwoofer)

DVD Player:

Philips DVDR-70 DVD Recorder (Multi-region)

Samsung DV 909 (Multi-Region)

  • Comments:
    Originally i wanted the Pioneer 525 DVD player, unfortunately it was out of stock when i ordered, so went for the top of the range Samsung, with a great menu system. With PAL, NTSC and SECAM output and NTSC to Quasi PAL (PAL60) and full NTSC to PAL50 conversions it makes watching and taping (erm backing up) DVD's onto PAL VHS video a breeze. Also includes DTS output and built-in DolbyDigital Decoder.

    Future purchase will probably be a 2nd hand Pioneer DV717 to match my Amp.


Toshiba 43PJ93B

  • Rear Projection
  • 43" (1090mm) Diagonal Picture
  • 16:9 Anamorphic Mode
  • 3 Scarts, 2 S-Video
  • Weight: 83Kg (including cabinate)
  • Comments:
    There where many reasons why i picked this TV, it's 43" (109cm) screen was one of them, being only a 4:3 screen has not put me off at all, it has an anamorphic wide screen mode which when activated will display a 39" picture (diagonal), it had an excellent review in the press and cost (only!) 1589 pounds with the op
    tional stand.

    My only complaint would be the ON LED, which seems to be the brightest led they could find which stands out when trying to watch in total darkness

    It was purchased online at WebElectricals who provided the best pre and after sales service of ANY mail order company i have ever dealt with, i can recommend th
    em for any purchases, and where one of the cheapest too!

CD Player:

Philips CD-618

  • Comments:
    My good 'ol faithful CD player, completely faultless and now with my Pioneer amp i can use the digital output, it has the added benefit of playing the most buggered CD's you can find.

Video #1

Sony SLV-F900

  • Comments:
    This was purchased from RadioRentals who strangely had them on offer, brand new, unopened for 199.99, i snapped one up quick and it replaced my old Sony VCR that had worn audio heads.

Video Camera

Sony CCD-913E

  • Comments:
    Probably one of  the highest quality Hi8 camcorders, with Hi8 XR (Extended Resolution) and a 1/2 million pixel CCD the quality is only just below that of MiniDV, also includes Digital and Analogue effects, 4:3, Cinema and Anamorphic wide screen recording modes, titler, program AE modes, NightShot, SteadyShot, HiFi Stereo, built-in light and LaserLink, what more could you ask for?


Sharp MSS-702

Digial Audio Player

Rio Karma (20Gb)

Setup Accessories

Digital SPL Meter

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